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Birthdate:Jul 29
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I like fanfiction. A lot. I've sifted through fandoms large and small, read the best and the worst, learned the lingo, and spent time with the fandom that created slash. I can tell you what PWP, OTP, and RPS stand for. I don't write much, but I'm trying to change that. As far as slash and femslash go, I feel worldly - going from Harry Potter to Azumanga Daioh to Law and Order to Star Trek is like going from New York City to smalltown Idaho to London to Rome. And there are so many fandoms in between.

The rest is fluff. No matter what I may say, fanfiction has always been and likely will always be the hub of my internet existence. And there's always something new out there for me to read.

This journal contains recommendations, mostly of the femslash variety, though sometimes slash as well; my own fiction, also mostly femslash; and my observations regarding fandom and my experience with it. I hope it's entertaining to someone.
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